Hi, I’m Helen

I’m a Kiwi artworker, and have been bringing design concepts to life for over 20 years, working in Auckland, Sydney and now, London.

With several career-formative years spent around pre-press and print environments, I have developed solid technical artworking abilities, and a thorough understanding of the requirements for the print production process, as implemented across a wide range of applications. An eye for layout and design have come from the many years following whilst working in more creative quarters, including in-house, client-side and agency studios. In previous roles, I’ve had plenty of opportunity taking responsibility for the full production process with lots of client/supplier communication, or worked equally well as an effective member of a larger studio team.

I thrive in dynamic environments, where the opportunity to learn and grow is ever present, and am un-phased when faced with complex and unfamiliar problems. I’m very happy to take on challenges and set about finding the best solutions. On several occasions, I have taken responsibility for the implementation of CMS systems, and training of other team members, and research and implementation of project management software, where previously only manual, paper-bag job-tracking systems were in place.

My goal is to provide an efficient, seamless service for my clients, coming up to speed quickly with studio work practices, brand guidelines, and job requirements. And more importantly, ensuring that artwork produced meets or exceeds the highest standards, in a timely fashion, with attention to detail and accuracy.

The creative industry has never been more exciting, challenging and stimulating. I am currently broadening my skills further across the digital arena through creating this WordPress portfolio site, leveraging volunteer opportunities to learn more about email marketing and software, and also plan to learn HTML and CSS to at least a basic level.

Please check out my portfolio page and contact me if you feel we could work together on a freelance or permanent basis or if you need more information. I’d love to hear from you, and discuss how I can help you, your company and your clients.


Other bits & bobs.

I was born in Pukekohe, New Zealand, and have lived in Auckland for all of my life, apart from two stints in Sydney on two occasions for a total of about 8 years. I currently live in London, with my wonderful partner, Paul. I hold a Bachelor of Science. I have also been a personal trainer for six years. I’ve cycled up mountains in the French Pyrénées and Alpes, also some smaller hills in Girona, Adelaide and around the flatter Round the Bay in a Day in Melbourne – more cycling in Europe to come! My favourite movies: The Intouchables, Love Actually, The Matrix. I love cycling and cycling trips, the sun, food, cats, science, history, philosophy, intellectually stimulating conversation, learning, and usually won’t turn down a decent glass of wine.